Photoworks National is a Canadian hotel photography and rich media production company that was created by professional hotel photographer, Dave Fitzsimmons. We have over 7 years experience in producing photography and rich media for hotels and resorts. That means that we are experts in the field and highly specialized to be able to best deliver the results that hotel clients require. 

Here is a bit more information about who we are:

Dave Fitzsimmons is the owner of Photoworks National. He graduated from Humber College's Creative Photography Program at the top of the class in June 2006. Upon graduating, he went on to work for a Toronto-based firm specializing in hotel photography and rich media distribution. As Head Photographer, Dave worked there for several years traveling around North America photographing high-end hotels.

Then, in late 2008 Dave decided to move on and start his own venture. Dave has been a successful entrepreneur ever since, shooting for countless hotels and resorts around the world, as well as architects, builders and other companies in the construction and design industries. Dave is an expert and specialist in hotel photography and 360° virtual tour production.

Craig Shouldice is the Head of Video Production for Photoworks National. He attended Lambton College's Media Fundamentals and Fanshawe College's Multimedia Design and Production programs, and began his film career in 1998. Craig has practiced under Owen Sound based Richard Thomas Communications, where he extended his knowledge of video editing and shooting. 

Craig is an expert in hotel video production, editing and creating brand videos for the hospitality industry.

Dave Fitzsimmons
Hotel Photographer
Craig Shouldice
Video Producer